Stay safe

Stay Safe Whilst Having Fun!
We’re here to help you – but you’ll have a better night out if you don’t need us!

  • Leave your car at home – never drink and drive
  • Keep your taxi fare separate so you don’t spend it on drinks
  • Carry photo ID – you’ll need it if you look under 25
  • Make sure your mobile phone is charged and that you have taxi numbers stored in your phone’s memory
  • Never leave handbags, mobile phones or valuables unattended
  • Watch out for your friends, and make sure they watch out for you
  • Walk away from trouble – fights ruin everyone’s night and you could be seriously hurt
  • If you’re a student and you feel threatened in Bradford City Centre, go to one of the pubs, clubs, shops or other businesses designated a student safe spot, as shown by the sticker displayed in their window. There, you can wait around for the problem to pass, call a taxi to take them home, or get help from the business or the police. Click here for a list of safe spot premises
  • Know your limits – don’t be pressured into drinking too much. You are less likely to be alert and spot something suspicious when you have had too much to drink
  • Eat before starting to drink alcohol
  • Use non-alcoholic drinks before alcohol to quench your thirst
  • Don’t be a victim of drink spiking:
  • Never leave your drink unattended – always finish it or leave it with a trusted friend
  • If you accept a drink from someone, always pick a bottle and make sure it is opened in front of you
  • Never drink leftover drinks or drinks discarded by someone else
  • If you begin to feel drunk after only a drink or two, seek help from a trusted friend or a responsible member of the club staff and management
  • Don’t leave glass or bottles outside – they are often used in fights
  • When you go out on a date, make sure someone knows who you are meeting and where you are meeting them
  • Have an exit plan – if you feel like you want to leave the date, get a friend to call you on your mobile to give you an excuse to get away
  • Don’t risk going home with a stranger
  • If you do have sex, don’t take unnecessary risks – always carry a condom and use it
  • Check that your taxi home is licensed (license plates should relate to that make and model of car) – better still book one in advance, or go to a taxi rank
  • Know the name of the taxi company you have ordered the taxi from
  • Do not accept lifts from strangers or unlicensed taxis
  • Avoid walking home alone
  • Stay aware and trust your instincts – keep away from situations that you don’t feel comfortable with

Stay aware and trust your instincts – keep away from situations that you don’t feel comfortable with